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Thread: New belts from Lagarto

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    Default New belts from Lagarto

    After a very warm and sunny training session, where everyone trained hard thru the heat, Lagarto awarded students with stripes and the following with new belts:-


    Ben Machin (Stoke)
    Paul Lister (Preston)
    Wes Moore (Preston)
    Darren Forshaw (Preston)
    Ben Ogunby (Brierfield/Bolton)
    Wayne Blezard (Preston)
    Paul Coyne (Preston)
    Joe Joyce (Preston)

    Stephen Stokes (Junior Staffordshire) was awarded his yellow belt as well ;D after impressing Lagarto and all the lads with the techniques, putting the adults in the shade with the advanced sweeps ;D

    Special mention to Colin Robinson who got his first stripe on the brwon, first time Lagarto's done that ;D

    Oh yeah, everyone got whipped (Junior Staffs walked the gauntlet with a big smile on his face, but before any one calls Childline he only received a token brush off the belt - he kicked his dad in the face as he walked past him in guard passing ;D - and as far as I know after speaking with his dad, no major mental trauma has been diagnosed :) smiles and laughter and macho merriment all roud and had it been dark and a full moon, a howl or two would have been howled!!!

    Well done guys!!!


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    Congrats to all and good to see hear of some old fashioned belt whipping


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    Default belts

    Oh yes mate

    Some real stingers in there and as the lads got near the end of the line they got it rapid fire, one shot each but as there were so many there, there wasnt a gap between shots at the end of the line so they all got it big style!!

    A brilliant seminar, Lucio dropped in some mega mad sweeps that I'd never seen before one from open guard and one from sitting up in guard, some quality techniques

    Some pix online at


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