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Thread: political question about water

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    your mental

    for one, the NHS shouldnt exist...should all be private
    number 2, how are u a victim if you dont find society perfect and feel you have to move away? society cant be built around everyones ideals, only the vast majoritu, thats why we live in a democratic society and have the right to vote. you also have the right to complain and protest, like i would do with mma...i wouldnt consider myself a victim

    here a better solution for your problem....stop been a bum, get a hgood job and pay your water bill on time...problem solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad View Post
    Simple. Pay for it through taxes. get the same product. just like the NHS.
    Fair enough blame Thacher, I always do.
    Gods of War token Irishman.

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    Maggie T = Best PM since Churchill

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    I blame Thatcher too.. the bitch.

    SUNTANSUPERTROLL.. you aren't going to be living in MY perfect society when it rises from the ashes of this illuminati controlled world.. just thought you should know.

    And I work for the frign water company.. the sick b'stards..
    Each new hour holds a new beginning, a new horizon; offering us space to place new steps to change

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    nomad....yuo are a morlock (not a cool x-man morlock tho)
    i am an Eloi.........who had learnt MMA

    know your role and shut your hole
    and fetch me a martini with an umbrella in it

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad View Post
    would it not make sense to provide it as a non profit making service and have the bill taken out of your wages in the same way tax is?
    I live in Scotland and i'm pretty sure my water is covered in my council tax. But then it has been a while since I actually looked at my bills n stuff.

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    you should get free stuff to make u feel better about been scottish

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuntanSuperman View Post
    you should get free stuff to make u feel better about been scottish
    Not wanting to sound like a knob, and not that I'd have a problem with being Scottish, but I'm English.

    So there, Mr Funny Man

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    1) you do
    2) good for you
    3) one redeeming feature

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    1) I know, but I couldn't help it. It was like I was watching myself from above and couldn't stop what I was doing.
    2) Thanks.
    3) Thanks again.

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