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Thread: political question about water

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    Out of interest does anyone know, prior to it hitting the ground and being rounded up and having "piss & turds & stuff" dumped in it, if rainwater is safe to drink?
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    Ben "gets" the post and answers good.

    3 points.
    rest of you camelhumpers, nil poi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben View Post
    nationalising the water system would not solve the problems. In general private companies run things cheaper and more efficiently. Furthermore privatisation of the water supply opened up greater investment - when it was nationalised (i.e. pre-1989) the pipe system was in a shite state, since privatisation leakages have gone down massively due to increased investment which central government cannot provide.

    Nationalising industries is not usually the right answer, for the most part private companies work better. Profit isn't a dirty word, it is a sign of good practice, in the case of utilities there are the Regulartory authorities (eg OfWat, OfCom) who prevent excessive profiteering/inferior service levels etc. Brad however is massively wrong about the health service, it should not all be private. Plus Im not sure if Maggie T was the best PM since Churchill but she is pretty close.

    how am i wrong about privatisation of health?
    our nhs is in a state of shambles.

    nurses get paid a pittence in relation to their USA counterparts. Waiting times are huge. Diseases (superbugs) are rampant in 1 in 4 NHS hospitals. Immigrants contanlty come over here on 'holiday' and then take advantage of our health system when they have contributed zero in tax and it allows the scum of society who dont work/take advantage of our benefits system to get free help, when they can't be bothered to help themselves!

    yes some sort of public health service should be made available to the genuinely poor people who through no fault of their own can't afford private medical help, but other than that it should be private. also paving the way for more money in schools........

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