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Thread: Vince McMahon Dead.........apparently

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    Default Vince McMahon Dead.........apparently

    Apparently Vince McMahon was blown up in a car bomb accident after leaving the WWE the other night. its all over i just think its a weird stunt by the wwe. sick if you ask me!

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    i dont get how people think its sick, its a soap with people beating each other up .

    so its just like somebody dieing in eastenders. is that sick?

    look at dirty den, hes died. came back. died. lol
    what do i put here?

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    poor vince...i hope the police catch who did it

    Fancy being car bombed on your own appreciation night

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    i just think its a weird stunt by the wwe.
    take that back talk smack bout wwe

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    This is taken from Wikipedia

    On June 11, 2007, WWE aired a segment at the end of RAW that featured McMahon (in character) entering a limousine moments before it exploded. The show went off-air shortly after, and reported the angle as though it were a legitimate occurrence, proclaiming that McMahon was "presumed dead."[5] Although this was the fate of the fictional Vince McMahon character, no harm came to the actual person (that is, his death was part of a storyline).[6][7]

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    It's not the first time WWE have done similar plotlines.

    They once in the sake of entertainment did this, which is basically a cat-fight between daughter & step-mother at funeral in front of open coffin.
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    Are you saying this was faked???

    I've been keeping a candlelight vigil for days now too

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    so I should call off the mcmahon family benefit dinner I was organising!?!?

    stocking; Wand, Evolution Fightwear, Caged Steel, Warrior Wear,Nogi, Manto, Sprawl, Xyience, Cryogel, Vangaard, Serious Pimp and more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kainer2 View Post
    Are you saying this was faked???
    Yes, wanna make something of it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fightingfan View Post
    Yes, wanna make something of it?

    Don't make me come round your house and Tiger Driver '91 you into oblivion

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