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Thread: A fight for survival? (Daily Mail Article)

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    Default A fight for survival? (Daily Mail Article)

    They don't call it the "Hate Mail" for nothing.

    Daily Mail Columnist Paul Hayward has a few things to say about "Cage Fighting" and some words by Bob Arum (Scroll down the page)

    A fight for survival?
    Cage fighting is making inroads into proper boxing to the point where many of us who revere the Marquess of Queensberry rules are fearful for their future.

    Ricky Hatton might be said to have slept with the enemy by borrowing a house in Las Vegas owned by a senior figure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organisation and using their HQ as a gym.

    After their expensive promotion in Manchester earlier this year, the game of 'hands, feet, knees, elbows, submission, choke holds, throws and takedowns' marches into the O2 Arena in London in September.

    All around Las Vegas posters for UFC scraps entice adherents of legalised violence away from the old heartland of gloved conflict, which has been undermined by governing bodies, politics and riskavoiding fighters.
    Read the rest at

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    "They've attracted a very young audience. But look who they appeal to. Look at the UFC fighters. Ninety per cent are big white guys from the Mid-west. Look at boxing it's like a rainbow. Blacks, Mexicans, English, everything."

    Like a gay rainbow?

    MMA is just as diverse as boxing with the fighters and audience... some people come out with some right bs!!

    Like I said, boxing will never die out... nor will MMA.

    Long live both.

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    The "rainbow" argument against MMA is one of the most preposterous and badly researched things i have heard.

    It's just so anti logical and bad...and i can't believe someone like Bob Arum would let a reporter quote him saying that.

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    wasn't Hatton sponsored by UFC. Cos he had a UFC logo on his shorts
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    He compared Boxing to "UFC" not MMA.

    that would be like comparing MMA to the "WBC", rather than Boxing haha.
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    Pretty sure MMA has a fair share of Brazilians, Croations, Japanease, Americans, British, Irish, French, Australian......fighters

    however its a fair point that mma is aimed primarily at the young white american demographic - dana admitted himself that they have yet to go after the Hispanic community. But you cant blame them, it makes sense to go after the biggest audience first

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad View Post
    He compared Boxing to "UFC" not MMA.

    that would be like comparing MMA to the "WBC", rather than Boxing haha.
    in principal yes, in reality no

    to 90% of the viewing public the UFC is MMA
    to zero% of the public WBC is Boxing

    The UFC is a brand which ties fighters to exclusive contracts, the WBC, WBA....only really have control over world champions..and even then not so much as most top fighters seem to give them up as much as defend them

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuntanSuperman View Post
    yet to go after the Hispanic community
    WTF? They have a site dedicated in Spanish?!

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    WTF at your 'WTF'
    They were Danas words exactly when talking about coming over to the UK and how they had yet to target the hispanic community

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    Q: So what's the next step _ the UFC one-year or even five-year plan?

    _ A: Right now we haven't even scratched the surface of how big this is going to be in the United States. We haven't even gone after the Hispanic market. We just opened an office in London, which is going to be a launching pad to Europe. Eventually, we want to be the first company to do worldwide pay-per-view.

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