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    Default Quest 3

    I have got CW Quest 3 sitting on my desktop as we speak

    If anyone who fought wants their fight.. PM me

    If i'm allowed i might either stick the single fights on the place that don't exist, a 2x700mb xvid or the whole dvd.

    But the show was filmed on 1 camera with zero editing

    So let me know



    Those that don't know CW Quest 3 was arguably the best Quest show

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    Upload it to rapidshare or something

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    i'd definitely like to see all of it

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    Yeah, that would be great!

    What about CW Quest 4? Does it even exist?

    I hope so...

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    does quest 4 and 6 exist.. me hope so to

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    I'll ask butler..i seem to remember having a terrible 1/4 done copy of quest 4 somewhere

    I have quest 1 and 2 here as well

    Quest 3 needs editing real bad, so i'm gonna do the individual fights only unless someone can think of a better idea

    fuck knows how i will upload them though

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