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    Hmmm.....this whole article seems to be another in a long line of "Boxing is better than MMA because of its long history" arguments. First question that springs to mind, specifically in relation to the two quotes below, is - which is/was the most violent, MMA today or Boxing before the Queensbury rules?

    In what would be a revolutionary move, they want the British Boxing Board of Control to take charge of a UK arm of the big, new craze. They want to legitimise it. They want the BBBC to control titles, organisation, judging and medical affairs.
    Boxing has many faults but it has produced the most humanely distilled version of menís need to scrap. And delivered glorious, epic history.
    Thank you, the Marquess of Queensberry. You gave us Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.
    Quocunque Jeceris Stabit.

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    Gary 'Smiler' Turner
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    "This is just my opinion.

    Background - I headlined the last Cage Rage MMA show at Wembley Arena and am returning for the next, again at Wembley, on July 14th. I have been competing at various martial sports since 1978, to an international standard since 1983. From this, I feel qualified to write on this topic.

    It is a shame that this article seems based on sensationalism rather than facts. The author has taken an appropriate story, that of Mr Ratner pushing for appropriate controls on a fledgling sport and an attempt to get the BBBC on board, and instead peppered it with inaccuracies and sensationalist comments that are as a whole untrue.

    Generally, people accept boxing as an athletic sport based on skill, technical ability, and supreme conditioning. The same is true with Judo, Thai boxing and Olympic wrestling all as individual sports. So why is it unacceptable to combine them all into one? That is what MMA (mixed martial arts) is. A combination of striking and wrestling with complex rules and as much safety built in as possible.

    We are athletes, supremely conditioned and highly skilled over many fighting disciplines, including the required technical ability, psychology and conditioning.

    Further, many of the fighters on the professional circuit are like me, educated to degree standard. I am Chartered and run my own building surveying business in between training 2-3 times each day monday to friday. Many of the UK fighters do similar - in fact the leading female UK fighter is a doctor.

    Perhaps sometime soon journalists can actually provide a factual story on what I consider to be an incredible sport, one that is rising incredibly fast in popularity. If any journalist wants to learn what the sport is all really about, they are more than welcome to contact me and I will be more than pleased to provide assistance in a friendly and informative way.

    As I said, just my opinion.

    Best regards,


    I've just tried to post the above...lets see if it comes up on their site...

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    Great response, fair play smiler. Someone should show him the Griffin v Guido fight as the latest example of what mma's all about (edit, second thoughts maybe not with the judges suspect decision)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smiler View Post

    I've just tried to post the above...lets see if it comes up on their site...
    well its on the website mate just checked .

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcr View Post
    Really> maybe you should save your "examples" as some might see them as you saying thats whats happening at that particualr event when it isnt?
    only borderline retards would not understand that as a hyperbolic example

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    Just added my opinions aswell;

    "First of all I need to say that I completely agree with the comments above, this is defiantly the most uneducated view of mixed martial arts that I have ever come across.
    Like mentioned in the previous comments mixed martial artists are finely tuned athletes with a very high skill set. This sport involves all types of combat including your beloved boxing and these athletes are evolving everyday to become better rounded in all aspects of combat including, boxing, kick boxing, wrestling and ju-jitsu to name a few.
    I'm a boxing fan myself but i do prefer MMA because I understand all the skills required to compete under these rules and MMA fights are much more exciting to watch with so many more possible outcomes.
    Like you said in your article;

    "there is only so much money to go
    around. Only so many TV slots. Only so
    much cash for tickets."

    I am sure you are aware that MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and that money is being dragged away from boxing because people want the level of excitement boxing no longer provides.
    Your old fashioned views and biased opinions are not helping your sport in its fight for domination. MMA is here to stay please show us some respect. I respect you opinion as a journalist even with no facts so get on board, bring MMA to a wider audience.

    Shay Walsh- Morecambe MMA"

    Hopefully he will actually do some research next time!

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    I've just the responses on the Express site from Smiler and the rest. They read very well! In fact they read better than the original article as reasoned argument.

    mrcr, I'm curious as to why you are so defensive?

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    Default Total crzap

    I for some reason bought the paper version of this rag and was shocked to read that story and yet again realise how little so many journalists know. What worries me is that these extremely ignorant a$$wipes influence the opinions of so many people. Hence, or possibly due to, the extreme stupidity and ignorance of us average people (not sure cause or effect).

    Ever wonder what is really going on in the world and feel that most papers haven't a clue but field an opinion as if fact in order to just sell papers and take up space?

    MMA is such a great sport that it will win out regardless.

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    I find that article deeply irritating. All the replies are well written and intelligent however, nice one.

    Career highlight video
    Team Fulinkazan "The will to win compares little with the will to prepare to win"

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    Gary 'Smiler' Turner
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    Some journos are good though...

    And even this article had a good positive story in it, although hidden behind senstationalism...

    I may be in the Sunday Star tomorrow...they're probably doing a Cage Rage piece on me, the spin is being my nearly losing my leg 1 1/2 years ago through infection following snake bite...

    Hopefully it will be positive press, with a spin on the 'interest' of the bite?


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