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Thread: Kimbo Vs Ray Mercer

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    Default Kimbo Vs Ray Mercer

    Does anyone have the link to watch the fight?

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    yeah i'd like to see this. anyone????

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    cheers for the vid dude! Kimbo looked like a proper fighter n everything!

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    who the hell would have thought it would have finished like that lol.

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    cheers for posting that mate.... as someone already said, not quite the expected finish and one of em was definitely not a happy bunny afterwards! LOL

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    I am in shock!
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    Yeah kimbo one, big deal, I cant stand that prick, Byt fair play he done well against a washed up ex pro boxer, I wanna see him get smashed up, hope he run's his big mouth off and get's a one fight deal with wec or elite or even ufc, so one of the top heavy's can give him a proper ass whooping.

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    great fight kimbo is fab always great to watch

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