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Thread: Chris Benoit and family pass away...

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    cant get my head around if this is a work or not!

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    just watched raw....its real

    fucked up

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    if its true then RIP to his wife 'Woman' and his kid Daniel
    I hope Benoit rots

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    very sad news
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    wow can't get my head around any of this. Haven't been a wrestling fan in a while tbh but tried to keep up to date but this.....Its just shocking. Totally unexpected I don't know what to say or even think about it.

    I have to say it makes me even more disgusted with the WWE. I'm not stupid enough to blame all of this on them but do you think involving a wrestler storylines revolving around the death of his real friend could have contributed to the mental state of someone? Just look at Vince being 'killed' the other day, his insensitivity seems to know no bounds. There record on the health and saftey (and overall care) of their performers is just beyond a joke.

    The last time I was really into wrestling is when Kurt Angle joined TNA from WWE. Everyone slated TNA for it and said it would only be a matter of time until Kurt ended up dead and TNA were just exploiting people. At the time I said the next death (and/or serious injury) would take place in WWE and it has, I just never thought it would transpire like this. Still WWE really need to pull their shit together.

    I don't know what really happened so with that in mind I will just offer a RIP and be done.


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    lol @ 'rabbit wolverine'

    In all seriousness my heart goes out to the families and friends of those involved at this difficult time.

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    everything seems a bit sketchy at the moment, first it was rumoured to be an illness killing all 3 and now its looking like a murder-suicide. Benoit apparently hung himself in his weight room. Supposedly he had sent some strange txt messages to a friend at WWE. Also he and his wife had apparantly been having some violent clashes recently.

    However I saw a sherrif or someone quoted saying (and I paraphrase)
    'When all the facts come out people will be shocked as there is a lot more to this that it first seems'
    Another thing making its rounds on the forums:

    "A Cousin of a GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigations) has heard in his circle is that Chris Benoit's wife killed their son Daniel, called Chris and told him to rush home because of an emergency which is why he missed last Sunday's Vengeance PPV. Upon arriving home Benoit killed his wife in a rage for the death of his son and then killed himself Monday morning. His wife's body was found in the master bedroom, strangled with the cord from an alarm clock. The son's body was found in his room apparently suffocated with a garbage bag. Chris then wrote a suicide note explaining what had happened, apologized to his family, his other children (from a separate relationship), and his fans. He then fashioned a slip-knot noose from from rope taken from the garage and hung himself from the banister in the foyer of his suburban Atlanta home."
    Really fucked up whatever happened


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    blaming the 'Vince' storyline line in any way is just a massive case of PC gone MAD. benoit was an entertainer, and Vinces 'death' was just another angle, it had nothing to do with what benoit did. its the same arguement as 'gagsta rap' causes murders, and so does violent video games. people are responsible for their own action.

    really fucked up story though, i always liked watching benoit wrestle

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    No No I never blamed that like I said but was just pointing out how disgusting I found it. Almost aping real life tradgedy (Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, etc).

    Then only a week or so later something like this happens, I wonder how Vince felt.

    I don't even know what I am trying to say. I guess I mean that Vince cares more about profits than he does the wellbeing of his employees.


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