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Thread: MMA/Kickboxing clubs near Upminster in Essex

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    Default MMA/Kickboxing clubs near Upminster in Essex

    Does anyone know of any MMA clubs in the Upminster/Hornchurch region?

    I've watched UFC/kickboxing for a few years now and have thought about taking up training for some time. I have done a couple of kickboxing classes before and I found those good. However they were in rented halls rather than dedicated gyms so I was a little disappointed at the same time.

    Are people who train but donít fight looked down upon in MMA? The reason I ask is because I donít really want to be pressured into fighting. I just want to train and learn the skills as I think itís a great sport. If Iím any good, which I doubt as Iím now nearing 26, I would do some sparring.

    If anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated


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    Try Jon Hegans club in Upminister Jon is a purple belt in BJJ and Black belt in judo as well as being an instructor in Kravmaga.

    You can also try Marc walders club Marc is a blackbelt in bjj. His club is in Chadwell heath which isn't too far from Upminister.

    Cheers John

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    marc's place is where i train, easy to get to from upminster if u drive, pm me.

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    Thanks for the quick response lads.

    I've had a look on the Kravmaga site and it looks like mainly self-defence. Am I reading it right?
    That BJJ club looks good. May well give the instructor a buzz.

    Adamfromessex whereabouts in Marcís Place do you train? What MA do you train in?

    Also does anyone know any dedicated Kickboxing clubs as well? Trying to find a proper Kickboxing gym

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


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    Default Akb

    Aveley kickboxing club is a good place. Dedicated to kickboxing and boxing stuff

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    second AVELEY KB- trained there for kickboxing under steve kerridge-good cool guy.
    marc's academy is in chadwell heath-st. aidens school.
    I train Bjj, MMA and thai-hope that helps

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    ps- off topic but iwent to school in upminster- Gaynes- lil random info for u all-lol

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    Default jason

    just fort ide ask any 1 if they new about any ufc cage fighting clubs in colchester or near because ive done boxin since the age on 7 and im now 15 and wonna try somthin more challenging

    cheers x

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    Ldg aka lions den gym in Chadwell Heath and Romford is a good dedicated mma gym

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