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    Anybody train with any of these clubs? They are obviously trad jj focussed, but having moved house there is a club practically on my doorstep (and not much else for miles). I'll pop down for a look but if anybody has any experience then I'd appreciate it.

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    I practice trad jj and it's a million miles from MMA. I would just turn up and have a roll with this club. It looks a well disciplined and well run organisation.See what you can take out of it but if you don't like it don't go back.

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    I trained with them. About 12 years ago!!!

    Back then they used to do a fair bit of ground sparring and had ground fighting competitions at their annual nationals. the ground fighting was very judo based back then and very basic compared to BJJ. A judo guy turned up at the nationals one year and wiped the floor with everyone in the open category. I don't know how they will have evolved since then so it's got to be worth taking a look.

    They were also a bunch of kamikaze nutters who were into power throws and big break falling tricks. Quite a few of the people in the club that I went to developed crunchy sounding cartilage around their cervical vertebrae (myself included). One of the people training with us separated two of their ribs from their sternum helping two of the brown belts for their black belt training.

    Damn I miss those guys.

    Like I said, that was about 12 years ago, so it could be very different now.

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    I trained with this org a for about 3 years, when i started tapping out the black belts i decided to move on (that was before i learnt bjj), also i don't like the hirachy system going on there ... the higher grades can be quite disrespectful, and this is encouraged but the instructors (they do it too) ..... its difficult to take shit from guys who in ur own mind, if it came down to it.......................... you could beat up

    Even the guys who were good at what this style does, i have doubts about.... there are only a hand full of the black belts i respect (in a MA sense) not because of there ability but because they are nice. and only one instructor (out of loads) who i think was a good fighter.

    This style of TJJ is better than nothing, but if you are a bjj/mma fighter, it will be a waste of your time and will only teach you bad habits, your better of training on your own and testing your skill on saturday nights down the pub............. lol

    The only good things about this style, you learn in the first 2 years the rest is just not practical, you can argue that this is a good base for bjj/mma, but as i said before if u have learnt bjj or mma then don't bother.

    Hope this has help u



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    I dont mean to be disrespectful but theyre is a jitsu club in our area , It seems like one of those styles such as aikido ...........almost rehearsed if you get what i mean. I wouldnt reccomend it , everything ive seen them do looks like it wouldnt work to me.

    This is the wolverhampton club by the way in the graisley rec centre.

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    Used to train with them, for quite a while, back before I started doing MMA.

    I have (mostly) fond memories.... but it is probably not what you're looking for if you're into MMA. I believe things have changed a bit in recent years, and I understand there is now a little more emphasis on groundwork and sparring and such... but I believe it's still pretty basic by BJJ standards.

    Worth mentioning that, as with most things in life, the instructors are a mixed bag. Some are excellent at teaching what they do (which isn't, by and large, competitive fighting), and most are genuinely nice people when you get past the hierarchy thing, (which I can see would annoy the hell out of a lot of people). There's also a handful that I would avoid like the plague, but I guess that's the case with most organizations.
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