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    I've just got done watching this, it's a film under the direction of Mel Gibson with seems to draw several aspects of inspiration from Last of the Mohicans.

    Basically a small party of hunters corner and kill a wild boar for food, immediately afterward they encounter a party of refugees who are fleeing from something that has put the fear of god into them so to speak.

    During the night, that something arrives in their village in the shape of a large party of raiders who round most of them up for slavery. To cut a long story short (in interests of not spoiling film for anyone who hasn't seen) one of the villagers, named Jaguar Claw, succeeds in escaping and tries to make it back to his village with eight or nine of the raiders in hot pursuit.

    Definitely earns its 18 rating, a scene involving a raider having his face eaten by a black panther being one of the reasons. Ending was a bit g@y IMO so shall give it 6.5 out of 10.
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    I'd round it off for a 7/10, i enjoyed this film because i never expected to see any huge amazing war scenes, it has its moments of combat but i just enjoyed watching the film overall, i agree that the ending is gayish tho, you will understand when you see it, coz itll leave you still asking questions lol.

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    Great film! Although it's better to watch at the cinema.

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    seen it in cinema and ill give it 8 out of 10
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    I, too, enjoyed this. My favourite scene has to be the part with the two menalistic jaguars, one cub in front of 'Jaguar Paw' and the mother behind him - great contrast in roars!
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    I absolutely loved this film, i hardly give any films 10/10 but thats what Apocolypto got for me.

    One of the best films ive seen in a long time!

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    I thought it was a 9/10 great film on par with Passion of the Christ.

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    I saw this for the first time the other night, and would give it 7/10, easy.

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    I'm going to give it 5/10, because behind the whole 'it's Mel Gibson's first project since the Passion!' hype, and all the money they obviously put into it, it is essentially generic chase move crap full of cliches, yet made to look classy by its exotic setting and use of subtitles.

    Entertaining enough, but its all been done before.
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