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Thread: greatest cartoon ever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by theedgemc View Post
    He-Man, Speed Racer, Ewoks, Thundercats, Gi Joe, Defenders Of The Earth. Spiderman, X-men, Batman.

    not a cartoon i know but greatest ever kids TV has to be Knightmare
    damn right knightmare was awesome

    Quote Originally Posted by theedgemc View Post
    forgot jayce and the wheeled warriors, ulysees, cities of gold, and battle for the planets (the origional power rangers).

    i got the box se for ulysees.. its fuckn awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphylad View Post
    Rude dog and the Dweebs
    Thank u sir i loved that show.


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    Although totally awesome the problem i had with he-man and thundercats was that i really wanted either skeletor or mumbra win just once lol.. Never happened though. . .

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    i must agree Centurions ruled and so did visonaries

    But i remember myself watching Thundercats and transformers the most

    but lol @ rude dog and the dweebs
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    I forgot all about Centurions I have an old VHS with some episodes on it, as well He-man and shera the secret of the sword!!!

    Its also got a cartoon which I cant remember what its called which was a rip off of the transformers the main baddy was a motorbike!!!

    For me Transformers, He Man, Thundercats are all joint top there is no splitting them, Visionaries comes in 2nd with defenders of the earth a close 3rd!!!

    I liked Centurions but havent seen enough of them!!!

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