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Thread: Open University 'Build your own degree' courses.

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    Default Open University 'Build your own degree' courses.

    I don't understand these, if anyone does could you please clarify?

    There a quite a lot of courses within the Open University curriculum so why do you need to throw your own together, and if you do will they be recognised by prospective future employers?
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    From their website:

    "The degree tailored to your own requirements is the original OU degree awarded to students since 1971, and is still the degree that many OU students are working towards. In many careers and for many employers it's what you study and the employability skills you have developed that's important rather than actual title of the degree.

    Having said that, certain career areas require you to build specific courses into your degree, psychology for example; this may mean you decide to study for an appropriate named degree."

    To summarise, it really depends what you want to do with your degree. If you just want a graduate job that does not require specific pre-requisite courses then most employers are happy that you have a good degree (a 2:1 or above) as it shows you have the ability to work hard, think critically, learn new skills etc. For many graduate jobs the content of the degree is of secondary importance and it may therefore be more fun for you to study topics from different areas that interest you.

    If you are looking to go into a field that has strict entry requirements (e.g. a Psychologist needs a BPS accredited degree in Psychology) then you should do a traditional course.

    Hope this helps.
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    I am in the process of starting one of these open degrees.

    I'm also not entirely sure what you end up with. A BA Open Degree?

    I do know that a lot of post graduate jobs are open to all regardless of subject matter.

    What are you thinking of studying by the way?
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    If you want some good ideas for graduat jobs sign up to the "Milkround", its a daily email bulletin with all the latest graduate jobs posted

    Google "Milkround" and it will come up

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    Are these open university courses completed from home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by simmy View Post
    Are these open university courses completed from home?
    yes. Depending on the subject your studying there may be the odd 'residential course', but these tend to be a week long and are necessary for the topic. astronomy and shit like that.
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    Does this mean you can do a degree on cagefighting?

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