I always thought that people who train a lot of Muay Thai only fight pro when their shins are well conditioned, thinking well conditioned at that stage would mean practically invunerable to pain.

My MT instructor said whenever he has fought he didn't notice any pain during the fight, and once the adrenalin is flowing you don't really anyway. However, despite not noticing at the time he always was in great pain the morning after.

Do you ever get to the point where your shins are fully conditioned or rather, you can fight conditioned or not and the adrenalin will disguise the pain until the next morning?

The main thing putting me off from fighting would be my shins, as I don't consider them conditioned. I can kick the heaviest bag in the gym over and over full power without any pain or soreness, something I couldn't have done when starting out, but still don't think I could handle a shin on shin contact.