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Thread: the different types of troll

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    Default the different types of troll

    I have begun to realise that there are many types of trolling that exists.

    In the past i thought there was only one type. And thats the kind of person who just goes onto a chat room or forum just to insult people or claim their harder than the person their insulting or everybody else.

    But theres other kinds.......

    Theres the nieve/playing dumb type troll. Who comes on and makes a statement about something or somebody which is totally incorrect. But deep down they know full truthfull knowledge about the thing they are pretending to play dumb about. (i.e. all the trolls who go on chavscum and pretend to be chavs, and slam everyone for hating chavs purely cause of their taste in music and clothes, when deep down they know full well it aint cause of them reasons). Or the female teen troll who once asked "where can i get white lightning from?"

    Then theres the obserd type troll, who makes obserd remarks (which is the kind everyone on sfuk thought i was at first). I.e. once made a thread on gamefaqs under the metal gear solid message board saying "i use to think it was funny to make snake smoke, if i got caught inside the gas chamber and couldent escape. That way when he dies, it looks like snake has died from smoking to death". I never intended to be a troll then, but that must be how it came out.

    Theres probably more kinds, but i cant think of any.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, during our tour of the zoo, please do not approach the cages, and do not feed the troll
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    ...and Leigh's most of them

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