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Thread: Crc!!!!!!!

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    Default Crc!!!!!!!

    just been looking at the card, a few years ago even now, would make one of the top fight cards in the uk! i think.

    iknow mark chen has been looking for his chance against brad picket for some time. be nice to see matt fighting again. the fight with jeff and jack!

    roll on cage rage C

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    actually Mark has pulled out with an injury, Brad is now fighting Vaughn Harvey

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    That will be an awesome fight.

    Glad Vaughan's been matched up after the let down by the cheese eating surrender-monkeys.

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    im looking forward to Jeff v's Jack.

    good luck to the ginger ninja!!!!
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    Ryan White
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    go jack the kid has been traning hard
    the bullshit stops when the cage door locks!!! @prosystemsmma @Ryanwhitemma

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    And Jeff has pulled with an injury. Most unusual for him. Glen Winslade takes his place. Still a good card though.

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    Harvey v Pickett is a class fight. Harvey to take it on a tight decision.

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    anyone know anything on Jon Hathaways fighter? Charles Barbos?

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    Anyone know what Steve Elliott is like?

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    what! the moment i post everyone gets hurt

    hope you guys get better soon. still a great card. you going to be there carl?

    steven elliot ive seen him a few times he fought on my show in his first fight. i cant really comment on his him, as im a judge! but he has fought on CRC before so maybe you could get a dvd.

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