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Thread: Muay Thai Class, Basingstoke/nearby, Friday evenings?

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    Default Muay Thai Class, Basingstoke/nearby, Friday evenings?

    Does anyone know where this is held? I overheard two people talking about it in town the other day, but I can't find any details of it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hua Nai Pran
    Unit 3-4, Joule road
    Max Panizzo
    Krabi krabong (Sritrairat Style), Mae Mai Muay Thai, Representative for International Krabi Krabong Association, the ONLY authorized by Thai Sports Association which is part of Sport Authority of Thailand
    Class Times
    Monday 19.30/21.30
    Thursday 18.30/20.30
    Contact Us
    Tel: 0796 2868874

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    Alternatively if you fancy some MMA/Sub Grappling see

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    if symonj club is too far away and you like mma pm me for details we are based in Reading and there will be a full time gym soon in reading being set up by paul and simon james

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    jeremy baileys running classes up his gym near newbury aswell, got a few pros up there (nathan ward and a few others)

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    Thanks, Neil - I know about Hua Nai Pran, and I'm tempted, but Mondays and Thursdays are often not good for me, hence the enquiry about a Friday class.

    I'm tempted to pop down to Winchester for (your?) classes, SymonJ; maybe I'll see you soon. Keep your eyes open for a fat person - that's me.

    stevebags - I e-mailed the Workhouse e-mail address last week, but have heard nothing back as yet.

    And sol_dave - I've heard that Jeremy is running classes, but I am only in the country for a short time again, so I don't have a car. Do you travel up there from Basingstoke? If so, can I share a lift?

    Thanks to everyone for all your replies.

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