I'm 19 years old & have been bodybuilding consistently since I was 15. I got chatting to an old school friend earlier tonight in a pub & after saying he was impressed with my size etc I gained since school he said "But can you fight?". I didn't really know what to say to him & I realised yeah I might be quite big but I'm probably not the best at defending myself if I got into a fight or something like that. I wanna be able to walk away from the fight in one piece & since MMA is the closest thing (as far as I know) to what you'd experience in a street fight I feel like learning it. Also, I DO NOT go around starting fights, if anything I'd rather stay out of a fight, but something's bound to happen some day if you're in a club/pub and some drunk guy wants to start sh*t with you and as I said, I don't want to end up in hospital if I can help it.

So now I'm thinking of getting into MMA as I've always been impressed with people that do it & I feel it could be a decent hobby for me to take up. I don't want to try & go professional or do MMA for a living/compete etc, I just want to basically learn to fight properly instead of just stupid drunken scuffles.

So I was wondering if anybody had any idea if there were any MMA training places in Blackpool?

Also, I have big confidence issues & I get really nervous/shy when starting something new like this & walking into the place. Does anybody have any idea what I'm likely to experience if I was to join an MMA training place? I don't want to join & then see a load of nobheads that just want to kick the sh*t out of me because they know MMA & I'm the new guy. For example, the trainer won't just put me in the ring with somebody a couple days after training just to "see how I do" lol will they? I really want to join an MMA training place but my confidence is basically the only thing that's holding me back. I even bought a home gym because I lacked the confidence to train at a commercial gym but hopefully I can get over it.

Also, what are the general costs if anybody knows, I'd appreciate it.

Here are my body stats anyway. I'm not sure if this is relevant to MMA but am I in decent shape for it?

Age - 19
Height - 5,10"
Weight - 235lbs
Bodyfat - 15%

I'm insulin dependent diabetic also.

As I said, I'd really appreciate any help as I know nothing about MMA really, thanks a lot.