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Thread: Any MMA Training Places In Blackpool? What's MMA Like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by widge milward View Post
    the wolfsliar, home of sukata, michael bisping, tom blackledge, paul kelly etc, isnt even 15 a session, i think its around 8

    fuck paying 15 a session, id be bankrupt training at that place.

    BTW where did you hear about sukata fighting coleman?
    OK I won't pay that then, I'll see if there's anything cheaper that he offers. I found out about Mario Sukata fighting Coleman just from searching "Mario Sukata" in Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    oh shit, he stopped being self-conscious and awkward - and now looks reasonably comfortable.

    hahaha so my troll accusation helped you to settle in here?
    I guess you could say that

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    Right well basically, as I said in the first post, I wanted to learn something that would give me an advantage in a street fight if somebody started on me for no reason etc & I HAD to defend myself.

    I assumed MMA was the answer as it seems the closest to what you'd experience in a street fight, but do you recommend I just take a self defense course or something? The only self defense courses I've ever seen were on TV, youtube etc & were all a load of bollocks really. 95% of what they teach you, you're never gonna use in a real street fight anyway the way I look at it. I want to learn something that I can actually USE properly & effectively in a street fight.

    So I'm open to any ideas, cheers lads.

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    Default Re: Training in Blackpool

    Gary's Place is at Oxy gym in Blackpool. I have a small training room on Hornby Road we have just started MMA Training and anybody is welcome.

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    Is it self defence you want, or just personal awareness training, i do believe that if you are in situations where you feel at risk then training in a good base art is excellent, and i was always taught it not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog. Krav Maga is what i think of as the best form of physical self defense. But self defense should take into account avoiding situations e.g. unlit areas, rough pubs and the like and if you were born in Blackpool you know where to avoid just realised how old this post is.

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    So, was this Leigh?

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    im from blackpool but live in liverpool monday to friday as i train full time at wolfslair most of you know me on here any way but for vanchatron ill clear some stuff up.

    i started off with garry savage before getting on the team at wolfslair and he is a great coach that knows his stuff he also has an assistant called paul rice if you wanna know how to react in a real world fight paul is your man for that.

    excellent club and all the lads that were there when i was were sound and will make you feel very welcome as would any real mma club.

    the mma classes at garrys are around 6 wich is the avarage.

    mario is there on a wednesday wich alternates between mma or bjj every other week you probally turned up on a bjj night hence the karate outfits (not a very good way to make friends with the pyjama fighters there matey)
    the price is 15 coz mario is the only fighter and trainer of his stature in the area to comand it and the demand is there its got to be worth his while to travel from liverpool when e is already booked out with 25 an hour privates.

    15 is worth the money for what you will learn.

    as for mario being moody lol he is just like that if he doesnt know you not moody just quite mario is very funny and a cool guy when you get to know him.

    on a side note mario is no longer wolfslair head coach for the moment as he has taken a step back to resurect his fighting career and is now back training himself!!

    public mma classes at wolfslair are 6 and are taken by dave jackson and choco Henrique Cesar Noqueira or any of the resident pro fighters.

    also do i know you ronin 1968 and vanchatron???
    Wolfslair MMA

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