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Thread: Feelin Blue

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    I don't like Gi work but I have been doing BJJ with a gi on for 3 years. Do you not get caught with Gi chokes?


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    I dont really care if i or they have a GI on or not.
    As its more or less the same.

    Course sweat and loads of grip on the gi are major players. But its generaly the same.

    Gi chokes arnt so bad really. I find pushing on the elbow of the arm thats attacking is a effective counter to 90% of them.

    Course Royce showed me differently

    Besides Gi chokes are cool to annoy your mates with
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    Default choked nope

    no didn't get choked, i find they didn't bother me too much. but then must people were trying them from stupid positions and couldn't get them on right.

    the thing i don't like is you can't pul out of subs so easily, you expect your arm to slide out of a triangle or armbar and you're stuck! evil...

    i prefer no gi but i suppose gi is quite realistic for street stuff as you'd most likely be wearing a jacket or something.

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