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Thread: The Today in Training I did' Thread

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    Default The Today in Training I did' Thread

    I am sure you are all bored of these posts, so am I, that is why I am doing more of this crazy shit.

    So as it says in the title,

    Today in training I snatched for the first time (with 16's) and did a 3 minute round with 24's oz. (Kettlebells)

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    Today in training I had my neck damaged by a big Polish guy.
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    Default Today in Training I

    It is enough for evil to flourish when good people do nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hywel Teague View Post
    24ozs? I think you mean kgs mate!
    Yeah I was tired after training, they are 24k's , ha.

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    yesterday in training I punched people in the head.

    prob just choke someone tonight

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    at judo
    subbed a black belt and brown belt, got caught by an ornage belt

    got thrown round like a rag doll by a blue belt

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    I haven't trained yet today... But Tuesday I gave in to the red mist and regret it. I wish I could control my temper sometimes

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    Yesterday at training I tapped to a heavyweight trying to pull my head off because I didnt have the energy to get him off.

    Today at training I will run to footie practice and then kick someone to make me feel better for the above!!!

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    Today I practised omoplatas, rolled with a ridiculously strong guy who is about 6'4, then almost fell asleep on the mat immediately after the session I was so tired.

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