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    Default linux?

    anyone run this as their operating system, what do you think about it? what are the pros and cons?
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    Mainly for Diehards and servers as its very stable, tried it several times but couldnt be bothered to learn how to use it. If your used to windows it doesnt seem as intuitive. there are also a few compatability issues but due to it being open source code I.E. any one can update it these normally get sorted quite quick. Best bet is to install it with duel boot so you can switch back to windows if you want. i ran it on a spare computer just to try it.
    There are several versions as well which all vary slightly but ubuntu is free and gets good reviews.
    Hope this helps.

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    you need t be a serious techie to run any of the flavours of linux. I know a few people who run flavours, mainly Red Hat, but as it is open source, there's no official support or anything, so you need to get involved in the users forums....

    .... you also need to have every episode of Star Trek on DVD and know all the start date/episode numbers of by heart.

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    ^^^^^ too true, you forgot to mention the socks and sandals plus the dodgy beard and often the leaning towards socially unacceptable porn....

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    Its fine if all you want to do is read email and surf the web, it becomes a bit of a pain when you want to do much more (apart form server type stuff like run apace web server and so on).

    If you are willing to learn a little bit about .conf file editing and how an OS actually works then its fine, if not then stick with XP or buy a Mac.

    My recommendations are Ubuntu or SUSE, also for those who say Linux has no support have you actually ever tried to get Windows support from Microsoft? It like trying to get blood form a stone.
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    Im not a fan, i work with OS too and its stilll horrible!!!

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