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    Default Ebay - again

    You used to be able to pick up bargains on here, however I reckon this just doesn't happen as much anymore!!! Opinions?

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    Cool ebay again lol

    hiya i agree wiv u there, wen i first went on ebay i was gettin so much stuff my poor postman was lugging heaps of stuff to my door bless him but of late it is very hard to find a bargain. now and then i will find something but not very often.

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    Yep, I am struggling to find anything at a decent price now. I think it is more like a bad version of amazon more than anything else. I guess I might not be looking hard enough!!!

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    I think there were a lot of people selling stuff when it started, now it's all shops! If it weren't for auction stealer it'd be much worse though

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    I also think people who sell on ebay have become more savvy, or at least got some common sense.

    I think sellers actually take the time to look at how much similar items are selling for and start the bidding at a higher price. In the old days everyone used to just bung everything on at 99p start and hope for the best.
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