This was posted on a TMA site I go on, the site is American though people from all over go on it. it just seems so unlikely that Paul O'Grady would do a thing on Hanoi lol!
I've said though they could do it on MMA instead!! Perhaps if we kept asking lol, That's if it's genuine? Does anyone know anyone that does Vietnamese MA?


My name is Laetitia and I am a reseacher for The Paul O Grady Show in the UK. As we are doing a show dedicated to Hanoi we are interested in getting in touch with people who practice all areas of Vietnamese martial arts.
Do you knew of any schools or classes in the UK that are dedicated to Vietnamese Martial Arts specifically Viet Vo Dao, Vo Binh Dinh and Quan Khi Dao or any others? Would you be able to put me in touch with a Master/ Expert in the UK area.

If not could you put me into touch with a European touring group of martial arts performers. I am interested to hear any of your suggestions. Please feel free to email me

Many thanks,

Laetitia Nneke

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