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    Default defense soap

    does anybody know where i can get defense soap, or some sort of anti-fungul soap, i train BJJ 6 days a week, and recently i got ringworm all over the back of my neck, my arm, on my ear. I always ALWAYS shower after practise using Dettol Anti-Bacterial soap, wash my gi after practise, sometimes showering 3 times a day, but since it is a fungul infection, i was told anti-bacterial soap is no use in this situation.

    Cheers guys

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    Default try hand wash

    try handwash honestly it works
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    Unfortunately you have to order it in from the US - . We put it in the dispensers in our academies showers & it works really well (normal soap doesn't stop ringworm). But we're looking round for cheaper alternatives with the same active ingredients.

    It's the shipping that's the killer :-(.


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    natural balance mint and tea tree does the trick well

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    Dettol make a soap which i use and that does the trick.

    Some reviews on this site

    for Fungus

    tea tree soaps are great
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    sounds to me like you wash too much. if you're always disinfecting you're not going to build up any natural defence or immunity to the bacteria

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    Wright's soap is supposed to be pretty good. And it makes you smell like a miner.

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    I just get the normal anti bacterial soap from the chemist, use it after training each night, and whack lamisil on anything that looks slightly suspect lol... Maybe even a dettol bath now and then if I'm feeling particuarly minging...

    Got Impetigo about 3 months after I started nigh on a year and a half ago and swore I would be as clean as possible after training lol, this defense soap sounds interesting though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hywel Teague View Post
    sounds to me like you wash too much. if you're always disinfecting you're not going to build up any natural defence or immunity to the bacteria
    yeah, i think you are right. I caught ringworm after 3 months training 6 days a week BJJ. I then religously was using Dettol Anti-Bacterial soap every night after training. I would lather the soap in and let it dry in for 5 minutes then wash off. This method was giving me good results, until i got a nasty bout of ringworm all over the back of my neck, ear and face.

    This is what i use now guys, this tree tea oil soap i found, i did research on this tree-tea oil and i found it has great anti-fungul properties and great for treatment of athletes foot etc.

    now i only use tree-tea oil maybe 4 days a week after training and other days i use Johnstones baby mousterisering soap.

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    Washing is over-rated. Seriously. The oily film on your skin is protective (to some extent) and sweat has natural anti-bacterial properties. I'm not sure whether research backs me up, but I'd hazard a guess that if you keep removing the oils from your skin you could leave yourself more vulnerable to infections.

    That isn't to say that you should never shower. But three times a day is probably overdoing it.
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