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Thread: Judo World Championship - Draws

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    Great news for Burton, shame about Winnie, still time to qualify tho.

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    Default peter cousins,00.html final - 3m45secs in
    if you go to this link:

    ... then click on this: Preliminaries friday: road to the medals

    ...if you fast forward to 2mins 30secs you will see some of Euan's and Winnie's fights against the NEDs
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    That Peter Cousins ippon was beautiful. Picture perfect.

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    Just as an aside, my last competitive match was against Peter Cousins. I decided not to make it easy for him so smacked him round the head a few times - About 2 mins in and the score 0-0 Peter decided he had had enough and walloped me in the nose. A 10 min injury break later & my nose was still pissin wi blood. I had to withdraw. (Still never threw me though!)

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    I love that for all the judo vs bjj rhetoric on the underground and other places, their obvious dominance of BJJ aside, Brazil are now fast becoming the major world power in Judo as well: 3 Gold and a bronze in the mens (and Hernandes still in with a shout for the Open) is way better than any other country.

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    I think it will be a different story in Beijing. I cant see past the Asian countries to get the bulk of the medals.

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    The spread at Athens was:

    Europe: 48% of medals (across 24 countries)
    Asia: 36% of medals (across 5 countries)
    Americas: 16% of medals (across 3 countries)

    Will be interesting to see if Korea medal better than Japan. Won-he Lee was missing due to a broken leg for Rio, but fully fit, he'd be a strong favourite for gold at -73 in Beijing.

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