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Thread: New interview with Tito Ortiz

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    Default New interview with Tito Ortiz

    He’s known for agitating t-shirts such as “Guy Metzger Is My Bitch” which set off the three-fight war between him and Ken Shamrock. Tito Ortiz is not just a celebrity athlete; he is a mixed martial arts icon and, frankly, a UFC money maker. Ortiz is largely responsible for packing the houses of many 2006 and 2007 UFC events and is a household name to even the most casual MMA fan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    Tito is class, he's managed to promote himself to be one of the best known MMA fighters through his bravado and the fact he's slipping one to Jenna J

    Not the best fighter but defo one of the best entertainers

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagon View Post
    Not the best fighter but defo one of the best entertainers
    Agreed, but not a very nice person by all accounts. I wouldnt be surprised if tito ended up shot dead by shooting his mouth off to the wrong guys at some point.
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    In reference to Ortiz wanting to become champ again, if he didn't want to fight Liddell because they were training partners then surely the same goes for Rampage?
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    Make no mistake the only reason Tito didn't wanna fight chuck is because he knew thanks to there sparring that Chuck would absolutely destroy him. Which he then did. Twice.

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