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    Hi guys,

    Haven't seen you guys for a while and I am unable to get down on Sundays anymore.

    I was wondering if you fancied coming up for a free class on a Saturday....any time you like - 3 - 6pm.

    It would be good to catch up.


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    We would love to come down and should get our arses into gear and get down there!

    I'll let everyone know tomorrow. Im sure we can come to some arrangement for your guys and our sunday class too!

    Hows tricks?

    You got any guys going to the Southern Open? We saw Jamil in Mens Fitness!! Did he not do Fila?

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    Jamil was desperate to do the Fila but his busted his shoulder 2 weeks before so there was no way he could compete....

    We have got a team going to the Southern Open all the usual guys plus a few others....

    You should try to come along to the Atalla class on 6th October if you can make it...he belt does come from the Carlson line after all!

    Catch up at the comp if I dont see you before mate...

    Steve @ AFS

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