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Thread: bjj muay thai in birmingham?

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    Default bjj muay thai in birmingham?

    anyone know of any good places.preferablly decent prices too.
    No phraya pichai camps please.
    anyone know how much kstar is a session?

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    No idea how much K-Star is a session but if you go to one of their shows and get a flyer there, the fliers normally offer 1 month's free training with them.

    As for BJJ: go to Gracie Barra in Brum.

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    Hiya we do both all under one roof + submission wrestling + MMA
    for more details see our myspace page

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    Gracie Barra is located in Acocks Green at Stevie B's gym and also at Eclipse Black Belt Academy in Bloxwich Walsall.

    K-star operate on a membership basis and I believe its something like 50-60 p/month. But call them up or pop in just to make sure, they are located in Birmingham City Centre, Sutton Coldfield and Perry Barr.

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    without doubt the best mma gym in the midlands. thai boxing, boxing, mma, bjj (no go!). the gym is in kings norton

    marc goddard is the bjj, mma coach and peter hefford is the thai boxing coach ( commonwealth champion)

    marc goddard, ross mason, mick broster, chris rice. there is a lot of great mma fighters to train with
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    Default re

    i do not teach bjj, i teach submission wrestling. there are no bjj classes at this gym.

    if its purely bjj you want then please go to braulio in acocks green.

    if its clinch, takedown and submission with focus on mma then please do come along.

    tuesdays 7-8.30 and sat 12 - 1.30.

    oh, and the gym is kings norton mate, not northfield, please feel free to pm for further details, thanks.
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    Default K-Star

    K-Star have 3 fulltime, fully equipted academies, Perry Barr (0121 331 4074), City Centre (0121 622 5078) and Sutton Coldfiled (0121 354 5769)
    You can train at all three academmies and we cater for everyone from beginner to champion. 7 days per week with full time instructors. if you want to have a look at the Academies.
    We have a show this Saturday 22nd September at the Royale Suite, perry Barr.

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    K-Star now also have a academy in Sheldon. is the website 0121 722 3988

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