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Thread: First Submission you were ever taught?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    Bet you've never done that sub in your whole life, nice av by the way.
    It's my fall-back technique when I'm struggling with anything more interesting! Good technique - works a lot of the time...
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    wigan grobitt(sp?) from standing,lmao.must have been aug. 2002, still haven't caught anyone with it........

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    guilatine and rnc, but both with flawed technique.

    just learned how to do em proply
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    Kimura and Keylock from side control, followed by armbar from guard.
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    The rear nakid choke was the first sub i ever did, didn't get told how to get to the possision to get the rnc but got the choke anyway.

    But the first thing i was told in MMA was how to tap, pretty usful thing to know!

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    when i did tkd when i was 14 , the insrtucor was a fat shit. andhe liked grappling and stuff.

    i watche dufc at the time..and i was the only one in the class that did so we used to roll with each other. i new like armbars from ufc and stuff.he wasnt very good i tapped him out (yeh thats right i tapped a 7th dan lmao)

    but he tought me how to do the triangle choke.

    lol now most of my wins are by that move
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    double arm bar from in guard.

    struggled with ju-jitsu for ages. wasnt a quick learner.

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    Triangle from guard, then armbar from guard, then just escapes and defense for a while.
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    Keylock from side-mount.

    Had it done to me by a novice (like me) and he yanked my shoulder up...been weak for 3 years now
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigrocky View Post
    struggled with ju-jitsu for ages. wasnt a quick learner.
    i know what you mean. this...

    Quote Originally Posted by Keon View Post
    how to tap, pretty usful thing to know!
    ... is my signature move. that, or "Holding On For Dear Life" for 5 minutes.

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