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Thread: mastering the rubber guard by eddie bravo.

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    Default mastering the rubber guard by eddie bravo.

    After borrowing a friend the " ju jitsu unleashed " book and not getting it back I thought I might as well just buy another copy.

    When looking for it on amazon I came across this one. Which is better ? Anyone have them both ?

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    Get mastering the rubber guard, it is an updated version and has his entire bottome game detailed. It goes into alot better detail and has more photos from various different angles.

    He is releasing a new book called mastering the twister which will have his entire top game soon.

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    Ive got both books and can tell you that the unleashed book has a good over view of eddies game but the mastering the rubber guard book covers EVERY aspect of eddies guard game including all the minor details and adjustments.

    Personally Id say mastering the rubber guard book is the better of the two because of the detail. But hey, thats just me.

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    JJU is a waste of money if you're going to buy MTRG
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    Yeah as I realised when I looked through MTRG today !

    Does anyone else think Eddies philosophy on weed is a bit ...errr... over the top ? Or does anyone completely agree with him ? Was very interested after I had read the introduction and listening to what Nick Diaz had to say on the issue of marajuana post fight with Gomi.

    Might have a roll stoned and see what happens lol
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    The whole MJ thing at the start is a bit over the top, including his anti-relationship rant and his constant reference to his music...

    makes for a laugh reading it though.

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    i just skipped that bit and got onto the good bits and actually drilling them .

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