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    Default Judo GB World Cup Results site

    Fallon won today, Bobby and Winnie fighting tomorrow, good luck to everyone.

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    Yep ! Fallon was excellent.

    He won a couple of his fights including the final in almost BJJ style. Bating his opponents to attack into his full guard, wrapping them up and then rolling them sideways onto their back (tate shiho gatame for them in the know) and then hanging on for 25 seconds

    IPPON !


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    Fallon was excellent his ne waza was sound. Hardly bjj though, for me it was judo newaza done well.
    Poor display really from the brits 1 medal from 20 odd competitors.
    However, Michelle rogers won the womens event in estonia taking another step towards beijing

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    Results from that:

    Did you go up to Brum to watch in the end DD?

    Do we have many players going to the Super World Cup this weekend in Holland?

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    Oh and the site is just awesome in terms of live results for comps, lol, imagine BJJ having something like that.

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    Yeah i went up, had a good weekend. Some good judo but poor results from the british lads.
    Yeah we have a full squad going to holland. I was speaking to purssey & he is definately fighting. Highlights of the weekend for me were
    Fallon obviously, illiades fighting -100kg and also the china man that put the smackdown on him. Winston Vs Ashwanden and their obvious respect for each other as friends. Getting pissed with loads of judoka and then fighting with them whilst pissed

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    Why is illiades fighting -100? As a favour to the other europeans so they have a better chance of qualifying for -90?

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    He qualified the place at 90s by getting silver at the worlds last week so if he moves up to 100 he may also qualify the place that weight too. Remember it is the country not the player that qualifies.

    In response to your question re: canto & camillo on another thread i was told that canto had been asked to fight 90s and camillo 81s with hornerato being dropped. But then Canto got injured leaving Horerato his own place - if that makes sense?

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    Ahh of course - he probably will as well.

    Wonder how he felt about the all-georgian final in the worlds

    Is it likely Cousins would drop to 90 to do the same for the Uk (in tandem with Winnie)?

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    Yeah thats exactly it. However it is highly unlikely that will happen.

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