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Thread: MPEG help please????

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    Default MPEG help please????

    How would i go about making an mpeg video clip smaller, without making it shorter?

    Basically i want to put a clip on youtube, they have a maximum clip size of 100mb, my clip is 152mb, can i reduce the quality to make the mb's less without shortning the lenght of the film?

    Any help would be appriciated!

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    You need a DVD authoring software, something like DVD power producer gold, when you import the clip you want to produce, you can choose the output format for eg. Divx mpeg2 AVI and you can also set quallity. For youtube you need to reduce each clip to 100Meg or under. Give me a ring for more info and ill Burn you a disc with some sftware on that will do the job.

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    You could also save some time by uploading it to somewhere like (150mb, less reduction) or which, as far as I can see, has no upload size limit. If you're uploading copyright material on veoh, you can usually ensure it stays there longer by calling it something meaningless and filing it under another category, as long as you've got the link you can still show it to people easily (which is why a lot of the streaming tv shows and films are uploaded there).

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