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Thread: Grappling tournament calendar

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    Default Grappling tournament calendar

    Can people post all the dates they know of upcoming grappling tournaments in here, even ones scheduled next year. I always have trouble finding out when they are and I will often see results posted on a forum of a tournament i didnt even know was happening. Im planning on returning to competition next year so would be good to know when tournaments are.

    Post them up and I will edit my post to put them in order in a calendar.
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    30th September 2007 - Urban Gorillaz - The Southern Open Gi Event
    Location: Reading, United Kingdom

    25th November 2007 -Urban Gorillaz - The Northern Open Gi Event
    Location: (Sheffield or Birmingham TBC) United Kingdom

    Feb 2008 - Urban Gorillaz No Gi 10k Qualification
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

    March 2008 - 10k Ground Clash - (Fighters Inc)
    Location: London, United Kingdom

    26th & 27th April 2008 - Gracie Invitational at SENI08 (Seni Expo -
    Location: Excel Arena, London, United Kingdom

    May 2008 - Urban Gorillaz Open (No Gi)
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

    June 2008 TBC - Urban Gorillaz Germany (No Gi)
    Location: Berlin Germany

    July 2008 - ADCC UK Nationals and Novice Tournament
    Location: Reading, United Kingdom

    August 2008 TBC - Urban Gorillaz Spain (No Gi)
    Location: Marbella Spain

    September 2008 - Urban Gorillaz - The Southern Open Gi Event
    Location: United Kingdom

    October 2008 - ADCC UK Open
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

    November 2008 -Urban Gorillaz - The Northern Open Gi Event
    Location: United Kingdom

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    Nice post. Very useful to know.

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    Default Upcoming Tournaments

    Yes, a good website to go to, to find out about upcoming Grappling tournaments is:

    They have a really easy to access list of tournaments by month or by State.
    Great Website.

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