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Thread: Are all jokes acceptable? (safe for work)

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    Default Are all jokes acceptable? (safe for work)

    Just read this from the bbc website. What a fuckin idiot.

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    I wonder what the joke was?

    Jokes are funny if they are witty, regardless of the subject matter.
    Whether or not they are acceptable, is another matter.

    Most of us joke about Twin Towers - 9/11, Princess Diana and dead people.
    But if it's fresh in our minds, or we somehow relate to the issue or subject of the joke, it becomes unacceptable.

    Am I right in saying that we are hypocrites if we condemn this comedian?
    Because I'm sure most of us, if not all have made some kind of joke about a dead person or tragic circumstance.

    That said, I do not support his subject matter.
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    i liked billy connelly until his ken bigley jibe

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    hard for comedians - treading the fine line between what is cutting edge comedy and subjects that really should be left alone for the sake of decent taste.

    fucked this one up properly, though didn't he? eh? LOL
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    It's because they are children, when an adult kicks the bucket they are fair game, but there is a line, especially when you have kids yourself.

    I really cant imagine what the fuck he was thinking when he came out with those jokes.

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    i heard on the radio that he said "you would think parents would know by now not to dress their kids in everton shirts after ryhs jones and madeline mccann" something along the lines of that, was harsh considering its about kids

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    why are dead adults fair game... but dead kids aren't?

    Either dead PEOPLE are ok to joke about, or they are not.
    Maybe there should be a time and distance limit.
    Like two years on and in a different country, the joke is funny as long as people read it in the news but weren't connected to it.
    Each new hour holds a new beginning, a new horizon; offering us space to place new steps to change

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    I don't really care about these kinds of jokes as long as they're funny, but if the guy came out and said it like a dick, just for shock value, then it's too far.

    I'd have to see a clip of what he said before I'd know if I thought it was boo-worthy.

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    I woulda laughed if the joke was funny.

    like someone said, most jokes are offensive to certain crowds...
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    jack your a sicko
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