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Thread: Ricky Hatton taking the piss out of Floyd Mayweather during press conference

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    Default Ricky Hatton taking the piss out of Floyd Mayweather during press conference

    I hope hatton wins this, Mayweather is such a twat.

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    unfortunately Mayweather is also one of the most skilled boxers to of ever lived. This is a tough tough fight for Ricky, but his pressure style may just do the trick.

    This fight is the stuff of legends.

    I noted that there is also Roy Jones Jnr v Felix Trinidad signed... although no TV deal yet.

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    LOL, Ricky has already won in my eyes.

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    I think this will make a really good fight, Mayweather has the fast hands but Hatton has a good chin, aggressive style and KO power. Hatton to win

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    i am not sure if hatton can pull this one off if it was at welter, i would give him a better chance, but at welter he does not seem as strong

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    i like hatton and i hope he can pull this one of an knock that smug twat out
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    Every fibre in me wants Hatton to win, but every fibre also thinks Mayweather will win, this is one time that Id be more then happy to be wrong.

    Also no one has mentioned Jermaine Taylor getting TKOd on Saturday night, little bit of an upset me thinks.

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