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Thread: can anyone post results for Cage Gladiators-gladiator school

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    Default can anyone post results for Cage Gladiators-gladiator school

    can anyone post results for Cage Gladiators-gladiator school?

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    can only remember a few

    Tom Baxter v David Johnson 70kg - david ref stoppage

    Lee barnes v (cannot remember the name) - lee lost 2 rnc

    Mick Bowman v Andy Hopkins 77kg - mick via judges decision

    Gary Kelly v (cannot remember the name) 77kg - Gary via Rnc

    Phil Turner v Terry Hayburn 80kg - phil via triangle

    Jack McGann v Mark Taylor - Jack via ref stoppage

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    nice one dave, heard that your stand up game has improved alot, keep up the good training.

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    David can you give some more narritive on the mick bowman fight?

    Or anyone else who was there, much appreciated.

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    did Paul "deathwish" Hartley or Kev "the killer" Kambell fight on the show? if so any 1 got there results?


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    Default re

    Phil Turner beat Terry Hayburn rd 1 Kimura
    Paul Tabbin beat Tony Cornwall rd 1 Guillitine
    Jack Mcgann beat Mark Taylor rd 2
    Gary Kelly beat Wayne Murray rd 1 Rear naked choke
    Mick Bowman beat Andy Hopkins decision
    Andy McGurgen beat Danny Welsh rd 1 rear naked choke
    Matt Dobson beat Paul Hartley rd 1 rear naked choke
    James McGuiness beat Mark Platts Decision
    Lee Cruise beat Lee Barnes rd1 rear naked choke
    Greg Johnson beat Lola Bamgbala rd 2 Armbar
    David Johnson beat Tom Baxter rd 2
    Head Coach @ The MMA Academy Liverpool

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