For anyone interested in training BJJ (Gi and Nogi) and also MMA in the West Bromwich area give us a shout. Classes taught by 2 blue belts (Me a Blue under Pedro Bessa and also ABA boxing and WAKO kickboxing coach, the other is a Blue under Guillerme Mai) . Pedro Bessa does a 2 hour workshop with us once a month to make sure everythings going well.
Friendly classes with no politics just hard training and good facilities (fully matted, Punch bags, mitts, boxing ring etc.)

Class times are:-
Wednesday 7.30 - 9pm BJJ (gi and no-gi)
Thursday 7.30 - 8.30 Boxing 8.30 -9.30 MMA ( usually class leads on from one to the other)
Saturday Morning BJJ Gi

Class cost is 6 a lesson or 39 a month for all classes (ie 2.50 a lesson)

Address is Unit 1 Brandon Way West Bromwich. B70 9PW
Ring Ricky on 07793860025