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    After a hectic 2-3 weeks of moving house, work being busy and still trying to train my body's really run down and has decided enough is enough and i've come down with the worst cold (man flu) i've had in a long time.
    Whats the best thing to do to try and fight it/ give the old immune system a boost? Gonna give training a miss till its past but cant afford to have anytime off work.
    So far i'm taking 2000mg vit C and a shed load of water. I'm not a fan of flu/cold medicines so any advice on supplements, vits/minerals Etc.


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    berroca always picks me up, garlic is supposed to be good too. Vicks vaporub is boss too

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    my granny always says raw onions helps!

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    Echinacea supplements (unless you have rheumatic problems).

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    peanut butter
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    tracker bars

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