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Thread: I want to fight!

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    Default I want to fight!

    Pics are at the link at the end of this little dity.
    Would love to fight at some point, have a knowledge of groundwork and striking.
    Starting serious training tomorrow.
    Need to get in shape.
    Look fat in pics.
    Need avice.
    Anyone think I can do ok?

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    Bwahahahahahahaha Rotflmfao

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    first thing is to start training somewhere decent.
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    If you are serious, start making the 200 mile round trip to Aberdeen once a week for starters.

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    i would do but it is just getting the time to do that every week.
    easy enough to train at opportune moments but work etc is a pain in the ass.

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    Not being funny but why the hell would you post pics up of yourself and ask us whether or not you can do ok in fighting? It's obvious you aren't fit and that you'd get dropped quicker than a bad habbit if you were to fight.

    Whether or not you have the mental capacity and will to train MMA and be able to train to the extent you dont get too many injuries remains to be seen, doesn't it. As Paul said, get yourself to a decent MMA gym first. Anything's possible if you put your mind to it, it's just that many people choose not to do this because they don't like hard work.

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    As others on this and other threads have said you need to find a club to train
    try your local thai club,travel to aberdeen sbg or amag they train weekends.

    The levels of fitness,skills etc needed to compete wont be picked up easily without input from a good team,a couple hours a week wont be enough,you have your own business when will you get the time?

    Hope you manage it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caledonianprint View Post
    i would do but it is just getting the time to do that every week.
    easy enough to train at opportune moments but work etc is a pain in the ass.
    You're making excuses. I used to do 140 mile round trips a couple of times a week for training and sparring with people my size because I couldn't get a sparring partner near my size in my own club.

    When I lived in north Sutherland, I used to do 140+ miles round trips once or twice a week to Golspie or Brora for ju jitsu.

    If you want to do it, you need to have dedication and to do the training. There are Saturday classes in Aberdeen. Can you make those? Did you try the Thai boxing club in inverness or the judo club? I don't think you can do it unless you start training regularly for starters.

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    What classes are there in Aberdeen on a sat?

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