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Thread: UMA Submission Grappling Championships

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    Default UMA Submission Grappling Championships

    Had a good showing at this no-gi comp at the weekend. We took 3 golds, a couple of silvers and a couple of bronze (if I remember correctly).

    Congrats to all the lads but special props to: Pritesh who took -65kg silver, loosing a close final by decision in his first comp. Dave Ives for walking the -85kg division which had 16 guys in it! Ranj, Lewis and Courtney for clearing out all the -75kg competition in the first two rounds so having to fight amoungst themseleves for top 3 spots lol. And Iwan for looking scary good in the +95kg and tapping his oppnents very quickly.


    - The price, only 10 pound entry fee
    - Jim for taking all the risk and actually running an event, more midlands comps the better.
    - The juniors, especially the girl in the gi bottoms who was one of the slickest grapplers all day.
    - Very safe rules for beginners.
    - Lots of competitors and teams there.


    - Crap mats. Joins kept coming up and there was no safe area around the outside.
    - Fights were a bit too short at 3mins, 4mins at the least would have been better imo.
    - Awarding of points was very inconsistent; sometimes a move would score, others times it wouldn't. And the points sytem seemed a little open to interpretation. Jim should delagate a bit and not try to do everything himself!

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    Default Uma

    Yeah great day out, the standard is getting better each event; the first few had lots of Trad clubs but this event had some real established clubs such as Leicester Shoot, Ripley Tap or Snap (formerly Derby Shoot) RGA, Rough House to name a few.

    I'd agree with the cons, the mats aint the best and Jim needs to delegate more as you say

    A few inconsistent calls in some matches, maybe those who know more about techniques should maybe meet up one day with Jim and go thru a few pointers, I'd be happy to help.

    That said, fair play to Jim for actually getting off his arse and running an event, no matter what the pros and cons, more established clubs should get behind these events and make them even better days out for competitors.

    Report and pix to follow soon.

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