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Thread: Southern Open 2007 Results

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    Default Southern Open 2007 Results

    A big thanks for all those that supported the event and help run a very successful day.
    Felipe Souza, Jon Shotter, Andy Roberts, Rui Abrantes, Max Lima, Daniel Strauss, Dickie Martin, Nic Brooks, Rob Stevens, Neil Owen, Paul Bridges, Oliver Geddes, Pippa Granger, Mike Taylor, Dave, Alex Ashby.

    All the Coaches: Ze Marcelo, Roger Gracie, Felipe Souza, Pedro Bessa, Tiago Bordes, Steve (AFS), Luiz (Brasa), Eduardo Carriello, Dickie Martin, Dave Broughton and anyone that we have forgot to mention.

    Northern Open in November!

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    Great thanks to Sean at Carlsons -

    here are 4 vids from the day -

    Colin in the Absolute

    Nick Langstaff

    My first fight

    My second fight

    aaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!! I wanna fight right now!

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    Daves fights=Pure Carlson Style.


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    A Wrist Lock????

    Wow Man you were lucky he didn't punch you in the face!!!

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