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Thread: Would you date a Jehovah's Witness?

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    Default Would you date a Jehovah's Witness?

    If she was really pretty, would you?

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    did you read 'Watch Tower' and 'Awake'. There are some good messages in ther to be fair

    Why did you break-up DW?

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    she dump me as she said i went out 2 much lol

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    Did she mean you were attending too many meetings?

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    Did you cojoin in sexual activity?

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    yes is this a servay lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death wish View Post
    yes is this a servay lol
    Yes I've got my clip board in hand. Did this inter-relationship alter your view of this well-dressed, well-mannered group of religious people?
    No, but they are normal aren't they. I mean they enjoy a drink and a bit of intercourse (social and otherwise, obviously)

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    I would if she was hot and I got on with her. No sex would put me right off unless she was hot enough to marry within a month (Or whatever their dumb rules are!)
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    ther was no diffrence apart from i got fuck all 4 me b day lol

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