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Thread: Gabriel Kitober at TLB

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    Default Gabriel Kitober at TLB

    Got him there every two weeks Saturdays from 2-330pm, if you guys fancy coming over drop me a PM.

    Next session October 27th


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    Seems like a good session mate, whats he like this Gabriel guy??

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    he is very good.

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    I was being somewhat ironic as I train with the guy.

    Do you know him through Judo as I know he loves Judo and trains it whilst he is over here?

    Good luck on your upcoming comp.

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    Default Judo

    He trains with my Judo coach big Matt Clempner, he likes his stand up big time

    Tried to get him in touch with the freestylers in Manchester whilst he has been here, dunno if he ever managed to get over with them and train.

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    He turned upi late for a session at urmston with Colin Robinson. I went on with him in ne waza - he took 3 of the same strangle from me. (Illegal in judo mind) but not to worry. I didnt practice standing with him as he was doing some technique work. I wouldnt mind doing some standing with him though - i need to level the score.

    Zippy your irony is wasted - this is the WORLD WIDE WEB dont forget.

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    thought you meant "stand up" as in "stand up" fighting/striking. as both him and legarto came to my thai boxing gym in preston, and they were very basic beginner level.looked like never done padwork let alone striking before.

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    "Zippy your irony is wasted - this is the WORLD WIDE WEB dont forget."

    I know it does not come across well.
    Hopefully you will get chance to do some stand up with him. He is a really open guy and loves training and is always looking to learn more. All he talks about is training, training and more training.

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    yes he seemed like a very nice guy.totally respectful in the thai gym.would have been good if they had kept up with it especially if they are going to be doing mma.

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    I want a purple belt

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