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Thread: Kendal Judo Open

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    Default Kendal Judo Open

    Just thought i would let you boys and girls know that i am competing this weekend at the Kendal Open.
    This is my first time in competition since 2003. I broke my leg last May and obviously im still a little apprehensive about it.

    Im going to fight - 100 Kg which is a bit higher than the -66/-73 kg that i used to do. Currently i weigh 91kg so should have no problems making the weight. I dont expect to medal at the event, i would just be happy being back on the mat again.

    I will report back on Sunday with any results.

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    91kg!! I bet you and Widge look like twins now.

    Good luck.

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    good luck dude. take some vids if you can, i always love to see good judo
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    see what i can do in terms of vids etc.

    Lol @ Darren - Whatever age widge is I have always been lighter than him. Wont be long till we pass each other & he is the heavier

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    R u joking about once being a -73kg and -66??

    As i was told on my first day training, technique always beats size and strength!!! Best Of Luck...

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    mb3015.jpg- 73 kg and - 100kg

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    Review: Ended up fighting 90kgs - no one to fight @ 90 +. 5 in the weight category, won my first match on a koka - the smallest score. Lost my second match on a yuko ( a medium score) This guy kept on complaining to the ref that i was punching him (i was, but he is soft and its part of the game)
    Then i won my next match with a waza-ari (a good score) The lad that i was meant to fight last withdrew.

    The first lad i beat went on to beat the one that beat me. Basically my win against him wasnt a high enough score so i took bronze.

    Quite pleased - no pics cos my batteries were flat, no video available i dont think.

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