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Thread: Kendal Judo Open

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirty dick View Post
    This guy kept on complaining to the ref that i was punching him (i was, but he is soft and its part of the game)
    lol, nice one

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    To be fair i caught him with a cracking left uppercut to the throat. Im still laughing now

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    Good job! are you trying to get back up to level?

    and do you still look like a gotti?

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    My aim dutchman is to get to 81kgs to look half decent on my wedding pictures. Judo is going to be my best way of doing that, and competitions will be the best way to keep me interested. My aim in judo is to cause some problems to the junior internationals possibly beat them (-20s) and to give a match to the senior internationals.

    Do i look like a gotti? dont know what a gotti is ! but it sounds offensive enough for me to ask if you still look like a downs kid

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    LOL @ "i caught him with a cracking left uppercut to the throat. Im still laughing now"

    That's Judo for you, I thought Kano had removed all the strikes until I started competing.

    Congrats Chris, to have a long lay off, get back to competition and even medal is some going. Keep us updated on your progress and get some new batteries for your camera.

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    Cheers Darren

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    thats a gotti..

    and yes i still have down.

    Anways good luck with the judo and the weight loss. Looking my self to get back into judo.

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    Not looking quite like that!
    Glad to hear you have not lost your disability, get back into the judo DM it cant do too much harm

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    I am pretty sure you looked like that when i met you.

    But not hijackign your judo topic. Good luck with the comeback

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