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Thread: Free standing punch bag-advise wanted

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    Just wondering if anyone can advise me on a good free standing punch bag. Want to be able to use it for kicks as well. What's the best to get hold of? Would prefer one that stays upright as much as possible! Also I have limited space but not much anyone can do about that!

    I live in West London so if anyone knows where of a place I can get hold of one it would be appreciated but aside from that ebay looks a good bet. They do seem to have come down in price in recent times-they used to be 180 cheapest!

    Send any links/reviews or just let me know from your own experience!

    Many thanks,


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    do you mean a slam man type thing or a punchbag with a large frame??? have you looked on ebayt , if not i will do a search for you as i am a bit of a whizz and will sort the wheat from the chaff for you so to speak

    i myslef use this setup


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    Here's a link to a cheap free standing bag.

    150.00 inc VAT & Postage.

    I haven't tried it myself but Gold's is a decent enough name.

    hope this helps
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    we have a "wavemaster if you google it you will find cheapest, well worth it
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    Not wild about the one I have - it's OK, but if I start pounding it will slide and tip (and what is the point of a heavy bag if not for beating on :-) )

    That said, you might be able to find ways to wedge it in place - I just tend to drag it out for a smacking
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    Default free standing bag

    I have a wavemaster, it's ok but i would say not as good as a heavy bag hung from the ceiling. The wavemaster moves around, and is a pain in the arse to fill with sand, i had backache for days. It serves it's purpose but wouldn't rave about it. I think i got mine off of ebay, if you can get a 2nd hand one i would opt for that.

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