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    Default HDMI cable

    i was looking for one today, but some cunt in gamestation said it has to be a PS3 HDMI cable for 20. is he for right? or talking bollox? and i can just go buy one from Ebay for 8 or whatever
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    Nobody help him

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    its gotta be ebay but beware alot of people selling these on ebay are in hong kong / china so check their location , all the times i bought from china the shit has turned up but always takes a while.

    You can use the ebay location feature to find someone with x amount of miles from you who has one

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    I had one in package deal when i bought my ps3. I dont think it's an offical PS3 one though, it just came in a clear white packet
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    The guys talking bollocks to you mate. I bought a HDMI cable from curry's and they work for all. So if you can find a cheap HDMI cable on ebay then go for it.

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    HDMI is HDMI

    The guys is talking shit, Altough you can get better ones for more money. But im not sure of the difference

    P.S Widge getting rid of your 360 was a bad move, I got a PS3 last month for pro evo and so far its been shit.

    hopefully it'll get better but right now 360 is 10x better IMO
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