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Thread: Caged Steel open mat ! A quick thanks.

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    Default Caged Steel open mat ! A quick thanks.

    Thanks to the caged steel lads, Jamie, Neil and the rest of the crew for an awesome day. The gym really is top class with everything you need ...cage, ring, mats, bags, thai pads, supplements, hell it even has a big tv with mma dvds to chill on the sofa after training LOL

    Everyone who went on the day were a pleasure to roll and spar with. I honestly thought there'd be loads of egotistical dicks going haha.

    Thanks to everyone who beat me up including Dave Hirst, Spenna, Ian Rush and anyone else whos name I didnt catch or forgot.

    Looking forward to the next one and popping up to train in the near future !

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    I had a great time too.

    The facilities there are FANTASTIC, definitely worth a look. Great to see some of the old guard again as well as meet some new people. It was an absolute pleasure to attend.

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    Dewsburys answer to Team Quest!

    Had a great day, thanks to everyone at Caged Steel for their hospitality.

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    Yeap it was a cracking day .... really good to get to spar with the lads who turned up.

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    Great day, I felt it was like a house party, but with MMA. Good to meet some new people, though I spent most of the time sat at the side of the mats drinking water so didn't mingle as much as I could.

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    Default It is a pleasure.

    Thank you for everyone who attended yesterday. It was a great day for the gym and all the kind comments made it feel worthwhile. Anyone who thinks mma is full of violent thugs should have come down yesterday. Great people, great atmosphere. Thanks everyone.

    P.S. Sorry if I seemed a bit miserable on Sunday.


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    it was a good day!

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    Myself and mate came up from Birmingham and we have never been made so welcome in our lives anyone who did go they really lost out

    Big Thanx To Jamie, Neil and Spenna

    And an even bigger thanx to Craig and Mark for beating the sh*t out of us I and the other guys improved our game and went back with loads we back again soon
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    Default Good Day

    I would just like to thank Neil Hall, Spenna and the man behind it all Caged Steel's Jamie for a fantastic well spent Sunday afternoon at their new gym's open mat day.

    My only regret was I got injured through the week and couldn't join in but watching was a good second best.

    Many thanks for your hospitality and may I and my lovely lot wish you the very best, the facilities are second to none and so is the attitude.

    Great day.

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